Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vertical Boiler

The vertical boiler is a simple type which consists of a firebox at the bottom and a copper barrel with a smoke tube.  It typically is used to drive stationary engines and boats.  Firing is accomplished by alcohol or solid fuel pellets.  More sophisticated versions of the vertical boiler contain many small tubes and are sometimes fired by coal or charcoal.

Package Boiler,Vertical Boiler / 200kg/hr
The furnace of this product is type of water tube penetrating flow, vertical three returns. Burner is on the top location, top burner-burning. Each part of fuel gas continually heat transferring through three returns, decreasing the exhaust gas temperature greatly, reducing the heat loss when preheating boiler at the time of startup and shutdown and to improve thermal efficiency. There are protective device controller, automatic resume contacts with the parts fuction,and dual-exhaust current thermal protection devices, enhancing the security functions.
1. Quickly startup, achieving high temperature and pressure in short time.
2. Nature circle, be able to endure different temperature.
3. Water level, steam pressure etc. many chain protection ways.
4. The structure design is perfect and excellent, covering small installing area.
Vertical Boilers


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Inhouse Boilerman Training

Adalah dimaklumkan bahawa kami di AIZ Training Services juga mengadakan inhouse Boilerman Training atau kursus dikilang2 atau dipremis perniagaan anda dengan bayaran yang berpatutan.

Selain kursus boilerman  atau boiler driver, kami juga menyediakan kursus2 Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), Pump Operation and maintenance, Air Compressor Operation and maintenance, Turbine Operation and maintenance dan Maintenance management.

 Bersama peserta2 kursus boilerman diTesac (M) sdn bhd Kuala Trengganu pada 9&10 Mac 2011.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Water Column

Purpose of water column:
When steaming, boiler water is in constant, turbulent, violent motion. If a glass attached direct to the boiler, the water would oscillate up and down so rapidly that an accurate reading would be difficult at best. The construction and placement of a water column averages out these wild gyrations, providing a stable water level allows the gauge glass and other devices to yield accurate reading.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hydrostatic Test

Untuk menguji kekuatan boiler dan fittings
FMA reg. 72
  Setiap boiler berikut mesti melakukan ujian HT:
1.  Boiler baru digunakan
2.  Setelah boiler repair. (eg. Repair crack by welding)
3.  Setiap tidak lebih 7 tahun
4.  Boiler yang tidak dapat diperiksa didalamnya kerana kecil
(tiada access)
5. Boiler yang diubah design. Untuk menentukan semula ASWP

SYARAT: 2 x ASWP (untuk boiler bertekanan<100 psi)
 1.5 x ASWP + 50 psi (untuk boiler bertekanan> 100 psi)

CONTOH : Boiler tekanan ASWP 10 bar
UJIAN   : (1.5 x 10 bar) + 3.4 bar = 18.4 bar (maksimum)
* 1 bar = 14.72 psi,   3.4 bar = 50 psi

Langkah2 HT

1.   Tutup dan blind setiap flange dan measuring instrument
2.   Gag atau blind Safety valves
3.   Isi air ke dalam boiler dan s/htr hingga penuh
    (air keluar ke vent line) – suhu air >= amb. Temp.
 4.Tutup vent valve
5. Teruskan pam air kedalam boiler menggunakan
    high pressure pump
6. Naikkan tekanan boiler secara berperingkat
7. Periksa sekiranya ada kebocoran
8. Sekiranya terdapat kebocoran dipertengahan ujian,
    release tekanan dan ketatkan ditempat kebocoran
9. Teruskan semula ujian setelah kebocoran diatasi
10.Pada 1.5% ASWP hendaklah bertahan selama 20
    minit dan tidak ada sebarang kebocoran
11.Kemudian turunkan tekanan secara berperingkat

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Q. What function does draft play in the combustion of fuel?
A. Draft provides the differential  pressure in a furnace to ensure the flow of the gases. Without draft, stagnation in the burning process would result and the fire or process of combustion would die from lack of air. Draft pushes or pulls air and the resultant flue gas through a boiler and up into the stack. The draft overcome the resistance to flow of the tubes, furnace walls, baffles, dampers and the chimney lining.

Natural  Draft
Natural draft is produced by the chimney into which the boiler exhausts. The cool air admit to the furnace, rushes in to displace the lighter hot gases in the furnace. Thus the hot gases rise (chimney effect), causing the natural draft.

Mechanical Draft
Mechanical draft  is produced artificially by mean of forced or induced draft fans. The chimney is still necessary on mechanical draft installation for venting the produced of combustion high enough not to be offensive to the surroundings.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Boiler Baffles

Q. What is the boiler baffles?
A. The flow of the combustion gas over the banks of boiler tubes is controlled by what a called baffle.

Q. What factors does baffle arrangement depends?
A.           1. Allowable draft (draught) loss
               2. The layout the boiler heating surface and its dimension
               3. Gas out position
               4. Fuel
               5. Fuel burning equipment and operating parameter
               6. Baffles supporting device

Q. What factors should be considered in designing a baffles
A. The baffle design should be such that it
              1.Ensures best distribution of heating surface with respect to gaseous product of combustion
              2. Ensures proper flue gas velocity
              3.Maintain cross flow of flue gas pass the boiler tubes
              4. Deposit flyash and dust where is it accessible for easy removal
              5. Eliminates dead pockets
              6. Avoids high draft (draught) loss