Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Boiler Baffles

Q. What is the boiler baffles?
A. The flow of the combustion gas over the banks of boiler tubes is controlled by what a called baffle.

Q. What factors does baffle arrangement depends?
A.           1. Allowable draft (draught) loss
               2. The layout the boiler heating surface and its dimension
               3. Gas out position
               4. Fuel
               5. Fuel burning equipment and operating parameter
               6. Baffles supporting device

Q. What factors should be considered in designing a baffles
A. The baffle design should be such that it
              1.Ensures best distribution of heating surface with respect to gaseous product of combustion
              2. Ensures proper flue gas velocity
              3.Maintain cross flow of flue gas pass the boiler tubes
              4. Deposit flyash and dust where is it accessible for easy removal
              5. Eliminates dead pockets
              6. Avoids high draft (draught) loss

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